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Standing Ovation Cast raises funds for orphanage in Nassau

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FOR PC: To download right click here then select ‘Save Target As…’

FOR MAC: To download hold the ‘control’ key and click here then select ‘Download Linked File’


FOR PC: Use Windows Explorer to locate the file named ‘standing_ovation_ringtone.mp3′ in your downloads

FOR MAC: Use Finder to locate the file named ‘standing_ovation_ringtone.mp3′ in your downloads



  • Drag the file into iTunes
  • Select the file in iTunes and then select Convert Selection to AAC in the Advanced menu.
  • Select your new AAC file and select Show in Finder in the File menu
  • In finder, select the file and select Get Info from the File menu
  • Change the file extension from .m4a to .m4r
  • Confirm when the dialog asks if you really want to make the change
  • Drag the new file back into iTunes. The original files will remain but the ringtone will disappear. (It is actually being moved to following location: ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/Ringtones )
  • Connect your iPhone and select the Ringtone tab. Select the new ringtone that has been created.

Other phones:

Once the file is on your phone, set it as your custom ringtone. How to do this will depend on your phone model; on Nokia phones running Symbian you can do it in the Profiles area.

On my Sprint LG, it’s in the Settings area, under Sounds, Ringers.

Please note: This is a 16-second audio clip in 256-kbps mp3 format. It will download to your computer’s hard drive, not onto your phone. You may need to convert them into another format that is suitable for your phone before you are able to transfer them to your phone for use as ringtones. Please refer to your phone’s manual for more information on formatting and file transfers.