Critical Acclaim

“If you’ve got a teenager or a preteen at home, this may be the one movie
they’re asking to see.”
Fox News

“Delightful, darling children’s film. I loved it!”
Joy Behar The View

“It is one of those movies you’re going to like because the whole family can see it.”
Hoda and Kathy The Today Show

“New Jersey has come together and made a piece that many kids can relate to. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for these talented young kids.”
Rebecca Pauley Kids News Inc.

“A la Glee. All the musical stuff. Love it. It’s a trend”
(Fox Dallas)

“Call it Junior High School Musical”
Rachel Smith On the Red Carpet KABC

“Standing Ovation is a great movie for parents and kids to see.”
Wendy Williams The Wendy Williams Show

“Film inspires children to pursue their dreams.”
Fox and Friends

“There are not enough good family feel-good movies out there these days, and this is one for the kids, for the family! People are going to be winding up, wanting to dance and sing and do stuff like this. I can’t wait to take my 5 year-old daughters to it because they love singing and dancing. And finally there is a movie for 5 year-olds about an age-range – this is for younger kids dancing and singing”
Fox and Friends

“Fantastic! It’s got great morals, so much talk about working hard, achieving your goals, living and believing in your dreams. It’s got a great moral tale for parents to get behind.”
WPIX-TV’s CW11 Morning News

“Standing Ovation is likely to launch acting careers.”
Gary Thompson Philadelphia Daily News

“The movie is rich in dance numbers set to music that will be loved by teens and pre-teens, which is the target audience.”
Jack Fichter The Cape May County Herald

“Standing Ovation has grass roots heart and soul. I love watching it. It’s about kids working their way to the top. It’s American Idol on film! And the original music rocks!”
Al Sapienza

“This is a good film done by Stewart Raffill.”
Joy Jewel

“It has been called a history making tween musical movie; a combination of high energy of High School Musical and the pace of A Minute To Win It.”
The Punch Bahamas Newspaper